Doug's Driving Lessons Swansea

Lesson Prices

£26.00 per hour.

This will be your rate until you pass your test with me. It will not suddenly rise. This is also the rate you will pay when its time to take your test. No additional surcharges or extra fees. Just my usual, basic hourly rate. Nothing extra to pay.

Free lessons!
If you take a minimum of just 1 hour per week then after 10 hours, the next hour will be totally FREE! You will still get your usual full 1 hour, quality lesson. The only difference will be that it will not cost you a single penny. You don't even have to find the cash up-front to pay in advance for a block of lessons. Just pay-as-you-go for ten lessons and every 11th lesson is on me. Easy!

I will not charge a lesson fee for any bookings that are cancelled providing you give a minimum of 48 hours prior notice.

Driving Test Car Hire
I am sorry, but I cannot allow the car to be hired for a driving test if I do not consider you to be of test standard.